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Coupon Love

So, this is my second post about buying coupons. Crazy, yes. A great money-saving tool? YES! I bought two Sunday papers once, but there aren't many that I would actually use two of. But what about those great coupons for things you LOVE and you would use 7 to stock up! Well, here's how you get them. mycouponhunter.com.

Here's an example of what you'll find:

$1.50/2 Dole Salad Blends exp 7/17/9
Our Price: $0.15

For example, I bought a few Lean Cuisine coupons from her, since I knew I would use more than one. The total price is similar to what you would spend on an extra paper, yet the coupons are more tailered to your needs, plus, no cutting! =) Happy Saving!


Baby Names

Starting to think of baby names for Baby Price #2- I want some input! Background- Our last name is Price. I really like the name Rhys for a boy, but Rhys Price doesn't sound the best. Looks cool though. damn. Also, I'm looking for unique names, so some of these might be "too out there", I guess that's the main thing I want, for someone to tell me that a name is way too weird. The middle name is Lee, after Harold's stepfather, so keep that in mind. Our son's name is Harrison, which is just so perfect. Unique, yet classic, a way for Harold to name a child after him, and Harris is my maiden name. I seriously am starting to doubt we'll find another name as perfect! Well, here are some choices...


Griffin, aka "Finn"


Willa, aka "Willie" (my brother's name is Will, sort of after him)
Livia aka "Liv" or "Livvie Lee"
Olive aka "Liv" or "Livvie Lee"

AAH this is so hard. I didn't really have to do it the first time around- Harrison was his name from the very beginning. We talked about it on our first date =) None of these are like "the one" to me, so if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them! Thanks guys. Happy Naming!

Wordless Wednesday

Free Parents Mag for 2 years!

Just signed up... doesn't seem like a sham! You don't have to fill any information besides address and email. They say they will not send you a bill! Please don't bill me if they do =). It's worth a try, especially if you wouldn't mind paying for it anyway. Happy Parenting!

ps- There's a EA Sports Active giveaway! Be sure to enter. But not too many times, I want to win! =)


HP's first trip to the beach! We had a blast- all my besties were there. He was not interested in the chilly Minnesota water though. Such a blessing to be able to experience firsts with your own baby- done it a million times with kids I have nannied for, but this is a whole new experience. Mommy loves you Harrison Gage!
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Hubby's First Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to the best dad I know! Thank you for sacrificing for our family and for our country. Harrison is incredibly lucky to have you for a father, and we CANNOT wait until you come back home!


DSW: Take $10 Off Any $49 Purchase

Pretty good deal for some great shoes! Enter promo code SUMMERLUV at checkout to take advantage of this offer.

Offer expires June 22, 2009.

Plus, if you are a DSW Rewards memeber (and why wouldn't you be?!), you can get free shipping on any order over $35 with promo code SHIP2ME.

Thank you to Fantabulously Frugal for the tip!


Wordless Wednesday


Beyond the Rack

So here's a unique website- they have "sales" that go on for a certain number of days for certain stores or companys... there's only a small number available at one time, but they're usually pretty good deals! They're having a 7 for all Mankind jeans sale starting today at 11, and ending June 12th at 1 pm. The catch is you have to be invited to join, otherwise you sit on a waitlist- well today's your lucky day... here's your code: NJP660ACA8E (I think they want you to think it's a little more exclusive than it really is) Happy Shopping!


Zach Morris on Jimmy Fallon

Video Recaps | Full Episodes | Webisodes

This is pretty great!

Betty Crocker

So, I know when you get one of those weekly emails from some company you usually click "delete" without even reading what it has to say... well, one spam-mail that I enjoy is Betty Crocker. They have really great recipes, and they're usually really cheap. Sometimes they even say how much $/serving. It's worth checking out! And don't forget, if you hate getting this kind of mail in your personal/work mailbox, create a totally new email meant just for extra things like this! Then you don't even have to check every day, just when you have time to get to it.

Free Tampon

One advantage to being pregnant for 2 years straight- no periods! Too bad you aren't as lucky... But, you can get a free sample of Tampax Pearl!

Free Papa Murphy's

Ok, so there's a blogger rumor going around that if you text MURPHY to 686868, you get a free medium pizza from Papa Murphy's! Another blogger said it worked for her- they respond after the text. you just show the text when you go to pick up your pizza. It's good until 6/30- If you're thinking of getting pizza anyway, might as well give it a try! Apparently the catch is they text you with deals and stuff. You can get out of it by replying “stop murphy.” Let me know if it works for you!! Happy Eating!


My Monkey

And the green grass grew all around, all around. And the green grass grew all around....
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Gerber Coupons

If your a mom, and you haven't already, be sure to become a member at Gerber.com to get a few great coupons- depending on the age, they'll send you a handful of coupons that are pretty good!! Last night I went to Target and got a bottle, 2 pacifiers, and 3 2-packs of baby food, all Gerber, for $7. Not too bad!

PS- It's SUNDAY- Go get a newspaper, or two! =)


Ebay Coupons

OK, so some of you may find this extremely stupid- but I've started buying coupons on eBay. Yes, I said BUYING coupons. But if it's for something I know I'll use, I'm still saving money! I don't usually spend more than a $1 on one purchase (usually has a bunch of coupons) unless it's a real good one- like I got 10 $2 off a Kashi Frozen Meal (Those are the BEST but they are expensive!) I think I spent like 3 bucks on that or something. Anyway, something to check out- and, you don't have to sit and clip, clip, clip! They come in the mail all ready for use!