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Wordless Wednesday- Cousin & Mom =)

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Wordless Wednesday- Old-school Hubby pic- he's the little one

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Week(s) in Review- September 7th- 19th

September 7th- 19th

-We had a fun little family labor day- made me wish Harold was here, but glad I have my parents! We took Harrison on a walk and too the park all together- it was fun! Grandma even went down the slide- TWICE! =) We went home and had a great dinner of grilled hot dogs, homemade potato salad, & cucumbers & red onions marinated in oil, vinegar & dijon mustard. Yum, yum!

GRRR... Bad to the bone!

Mischievous little man...

Practicing playing with the football for Daddy's return! =)

Blocks are yummy!

Toy deprived? Oh man...

Babies love their boxes...

This is why I need to wear a bib ALL THE TIME!

Happy baby boy!

This week we celebrated Auntie Tori's 24th birthday! We walked around downtown and shopped, then I dropped HP off for an adult dinner of sushi (which I couldn't have, boo.) at Arrowwood.

Rad like Dad

Harrison got a new Harley from his great-aunt Arlene! He loves it, although Mommy already let him fall once... uh oh.

-Harrison added cottage cheese & yogurt. His vote? Yogurt- thumbs up. Cottage cheese? BIG thumbs down. We'll keep trying though. =)

-The little guy is officially mobile- although, not forward. =) He can "crawl" backwards to get virtually anywhere, and rotate around 360 degrees. He's starting to get up on all fours & rock a little bit as well. He'll be crawling (forward) in no time!

-We have 2 more weeks in MN, then we're off to home in TX! It's a little bittersweet, but I know the second I see Harold I'm going to be all happy!

March of Dimes

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March of Dimes Fundraiser

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