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9 Months, 4 Days

Christmas is almost here! Harold thinks Harrison will be here before Christmas- Oh that would be so wonderful! I bought him stocking presents, so I told Harold "Wouldn't it be great for him to be here, so he can just lie there and watch us open his gifts? And he won't be able to even grasp the toys!" =) Here's our little tree- we decided not to buy a big one, so we can go and great a really nice one after the holidays for cheap. Plus, I will always have use for this little tree. I like it. I haven't found anything I like to put on the top yet- I don't want to just buy something just to buy something. I want to get something we'll have forever to put on top of the tree.

Things are good here- Harold has been traveling a lot the last month, as a lot of you know. It's been difficult- being married is so different then being single- I used to LOVE being home alone. If all the roommates were gone (which I guess NEVER happened in our house with 10 girls) or the family I nannied for left, I loved it. But now when it's Harold that leaves, I absolutely hate being home alone. Being pregnant and emotional never helps, but I just burst into tears for the smallest reasons. I've been trying to keep busy, but it's hard because a lot of the time I don't feel like doing too much, but at the same time I don't like sitting at home alone. The fact that I'm virtually friendless here doesn't help either. But I've joined a playgroup and met a few other army wives so that has been great. Now I just need the child to bring to the playgroup. =) I am going to watch one of the girls kids today- her husband is deploying this weekend. It really brings Harold's traveling into perspective. He only leaves for a week, not a year! They are really new here so it feels good that I can help them out- They are going to a movie and dinner. Army life is very different- you're far away from friends and family, so we have to step up for virtual strangers the way you would for family and close friends. Her kids are adorable, so it also will be fun!

Just counting down the days!!!!


7 Months, 3 Weeks, 6 Days

Back home in Texas! It feels so good to be home- except for the large increase in responsibility. Having your mother do your laundry, dishes, etc is quite different then running your own home. But since this is my dream I'm happy. =)

My baby shower at home was AMAZING! My mom worked so hard to get the house ready and cook the food, Tori made an absolutely perfect cake (http://flickr.com/photos/joannamarieharris/3010421213/in/photostream/) , and Teresa's games and planning were awesome. Thank you to everyone who came, and for all the wonderful gifts. Harrison is a spoiled little boy already!

I was so lucky to get to see so many family and friends while home- sorry to those of you who I missed. I thought 5 weeks home would be plenty of time to make the rounds, but I guess I spent too much time relaxing in Alexandria. But I think just being at home with my parents is what I needed most. Harrison will be missing out by not getting to spend his first 2 years close to his wonderful grandparents. Either grandparents. The next time you talk to Harold, please subtly let him now how wonderful Minnesota is! =)

Harold got to meet a lot of my friends and family when he flew in to drive back with me- Even though his missed flight messed a few things up, we had dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory and got to spend time with a few special people. I love to show him off. =)

Our drive home was good- got to stay with friends of Harold's from college- Mark and Terra. They had a 5 week old little boy, Adler, who was so adorable. He was a little peanut, still weighing 7 pounds and some change. Holding him, of course, got me overly excited for our little HP.

Harold is at work today, but had M-TH off, and has M and Tu off next week as well for Veteran's day. It's wonderful to get to spend time at home! Even though we are so busy with various household activities. For those of you who heard the story of Harold's painting, the room is OK. It's not my dream of my first nursery, but it's bright and "boyish" as Harold says. I just wish we could go around and paint the whole house- the white walls are a little too much for me. But in the 2 years we'll be here, it's probably not worth painting them and potentially having to paint them back. I'm slowly but surely getting some changes done around here. I'm already looking forward to our next house. =)

Oprah would have been so proud of my shopping trip today- she did a show the other day about saving money. I went to Wal-Mart and wrote the total price as I put things in the cart. I also printed off coupons, and spent a lot of time making decisions about if we really needed something, and finding the lowest price. Saving money makes me happy. It also makes me feel better about all the things I purchase unnecessarily for this little boy. Kate Gosslin (Jon and Kate plus 8) once said that as a stay at home mom, her job is to make Jon's money stretch as far as possible. I'm beginning to take on the challenge. =)

ps- comments are welcome! =)


7 Months, 1 Week, 4 Days

Back again- I guess I got lazy for awhile, but I thought I would pick this up again. Mostly because I don't really know what to do with myself here in MN. HP is in Tacoma, Washington doing some rather important testing and I'm here at 10th and Cedar pretty much doing nothing but relaxing. So far so good. =) I've been working a little bit, which has been great. The feeling of actually contributing to society does a body good. It's still a little bizarre to me that Harold has to support me right now. I've spent the last few years not being able to lose even a week's pay, and here I am making little to no money for months. So far so good on the married life =) I miss him though- He says it looks like he might be here as early as the 1st which is NEXT WEEKEND! It's like I've gotten so used to being here and being apart from him, I can't believe that we're actually going to be reunited soon. And I get to go home and NEST! Yay!

Sunday is my baby shower here- I'm rather excited. Jan is going all out, it's touching. She is really good at that stuff tho- She can throw a mean party. I know the girls are working hard as well.

Went to the DR. last week- things are great! We've been so blessed with this close to perfect pregnancy. No nausea, good blood pressure, no gestational diabetes, his heart rate has been perfect, he's moving like crazy, I've been measuring perfectly... Praise the Lord! I can't believe how soon he will be here- I know it won't be real until we bring him home. And luckily, we have plenty of places to put him! =) (Harold things we have too much "stuff"... bouncer, exersaucer, pack&play, glider, swing... ok maybe we do, but this is my first baby!)


13 Weeks

I'm at Harold's for the weekend- He's being amazing. I think we're going to find a way to slide into domestic partnership pretty well. Laundry, dishes, meals, cleaning, etc. We're (and by we, I mean me) looking around the house for ways to make it more "family" friendly and less like a bachelor pad. I have a large list of things I want so it's Harold's job to convince me of whats most important. The folding chairs for dining have to go, however. Not to diss his skills, he's done a pretty good job with this house. Just needs a little women's touch. We're enjoying some hardcore chill time, since soon we won't have too much time to just sit and be bored...


12 Weeks 1 Day

I have decided I want a girl. I saw a "Deluxe Walk-in Kitchen" and wanted to play house IMMEDIATELY! I also would love to see Harold with a little girl. I don't think it would be hard for her to get him wrapped around her little finger. Only 8 more weeks until we can find out! Harold went to a wedding this weekend, and will be in Georgia all week. I miss him! I'm getting excited to move in.

Sara Wagner came to visit this weekend and we had so much fun. It's always good to see a friendly face! She also has been through this whole pregnancy thing 4 times!

I've gained weight, and at this point just feel fat and not pregnant.


10 Weeks 6 Days

Looking for jobs again. I dislike looking for jobs, especially when I love the one I have so much. However, I am moving in September. To Harker Heights, Texas. Never heard of it? Weird, probably because it's not near Austin. But it's all good, because I'm living with Harold and thats the best case scenario. It just didn't financially work out for Harold to sell his house and move closer to Austin, so this is really our only option. There is a backyard. I like that. Even though Texas grass sucks. Either way I'm getting excited and this makes everything so real. I'M HAVING A BABY!!! Craziness.


10 Weeks 3 Days

I just got a pregnancy journal... it's a perfection. It's the most wonderful thing I've ever purchased. I actually felt a wave of calmness come over me after going through it all and putting sticky notes on all the really important pages. It has lists for EVERYTHING! I really had hoped to be prepared before even starting to try for a baby, but this makes me feel better and feel as though I will get everything done in time.

I also got a blanket... White with big orange polka dots... SO excited. It's kinda a peachy color though, hopefully it's a girl =).

I've started packing up some of my stuff. I'm not entirely sure where I'm moving yet, I just know that I'm moving. Scary. I have too much junk-

I found out that I can't get any pre-natal coverage from Harold. This means a whole nother year of school... BOO! The new year will be filled with a full load of classes, a full-time job, and a NEWBORN! Am I crazy?


10 Weeks 1 Day

Hello All! Even in these last few weeks of my first trimester, I still find myself as tired as ever. It seems like every time I wake up from a quality nap I have at least 3 missed calls from all of you who care and are simply curious about how I'm doing. So, hopefully this helps and saves me from the guilt I am constantly feeling that I have a "million" people to call back.

I am officially 10 weeks yesterday. I went to my first appointment all alone, which was scary but so incredible. I felt a lot of mixed emotions, because on one hand it is so incredible and amazing, but on the other hand it's scary and sad that I'm so unprepared for everything. It feels like I've been waiting for this moment forever, but when I actually got it I wanted to take it back because it wasn't my "perfect" dream scenario. No married, no money, so far from family and friends... However, all in all, I came out of the appointment incredibly excited and in love with the baby. My due date is January 3rd, so it looks like no snowy Minnesota Christmas for Joanna. Harold has promised to stay home with me for Christmas so at least I won't be alone =). The doctor said the baby was perfect size, and I got a picture and everything! (Still need to scan it) It really doesn't do the baby justice though. I got a pretty good look! Arms, legs, head, and heartbeat! The baby kept moving and the doctor said "We've got a little show-off!"

I had a little nausea off and on this weekend, which I really haven't had up until this point. No vomiting, however, so I'm happy. But other than that I'm feeling good! I love you all!