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9 Months, 4 Days

Christmas is almost here! Harold thinks Harrison will be here before Christmas- Oh that would be so wonderful! I bought him stocking presents, so I told Harold "Wouldn't it be great for him to be here, so he can just lie there and watch us open his gifts? And he won't be able to even grasp the toys!" =) Here's our little tree- we decided not to buy a big one, so we can go and great a really nice one after the holidays for cheap. Plus, I will always have use for this little tree. I like it. I haven't found anything I like to put on the top yet- I don't want to just buy something just to buy something. I want to get something we'll have forever to put on top of the tree.

Things are good here- Harold has been traveling a lot the last month, as a lot of you know. It's been difficult- being married is so different then being single- I used to LOVE being home alone. If all the roommates were gone (which I guess NEVER happened in our house with 10 girls) or the family I nannied for left, I loved it. But now when it's Harold that leaves, I absolutely hate being home alone. Being pregnant and emotional never helps, but I just burst into tears for the smallest reasons. I've been trying to keep busy, but it's hard because a lot of the time I don't feel like doing too much, but at the same time I don't like sitting at home alone. The fact that I'm virtually friendless here doesn't help either. But I've joined a playgroup and met a few other army wives so that has been great. Now I just need the child to bring to the playgroup. =) I am going to watch one of the girls kids today- her husband is deploying this weekend. It really brings Harold's traveling into perspective. He only leaves for a week, not a year! They are really new here so it feels good that I can help them out- They are going to a movie and dinner. Army life is very different- you're far away from friends and family, so we have to step up for virtual strangers the way you would for family and close friends. Her kids are adorable, so it also will be fun!

Just counting down the days!!!!