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He made it!

The little guy is here- Harrison Gage Price was born on January 3rd, 2009 @ 10:31 A.M. Everything with the birth went well- my water broke at 11 A.M. on the 2nd while out for a walk (not the best thing that's ever happened to me) They had to induce me and I was in labor for about 15 hours and pushing for 1.5- everything went well except for the epidural running out approximately 3 pushes in. But thank goodness for the lovely brain that blocks out the pain, because looking back the whole experience was really good, fun almost. Harold was an amazing coach and the nurse we had during delivery was great too. We were in the hospital for 48 hours and took him home exactly a year to the day that Harold and I met (January 5th). What a year! =) Things since then have been amazing- he's grown and changed so much, as newborns do! He's already got quite the feisty personality. We had Harold's mom, his friend Ken & family, and my parents here to stay (not at the same time, haha). All visits went well and everyone was in love with little hp, especially Ken's son Kaden, who talked about "Baby Hawison" all day long. Harold left for Ft. Lewis last Tuesday for 4 weeks. Harrison has changed a lot even in the short time he's been gone- he started smiling a lot more and is more alert and content just laying on the floor and kicking. He's started to look at toys and objects. I'm already dying for Harold to get home and see all the changes. He did get to watch Harrison roll over- it was pretty exciting because we were all just staring at him.

We found out about 2 weeks ago that Harold is deploying to Afghanistan in April. =( Not the best news I've ever recieved, but as far as deployments go it works out pretty well. It's good for his career, and for money. I get to move back to Minnesota (during the summer!). We also talked about how if you had to miss 6 months of Harrison's life, these months are pretty good. He'll be almost 11 months when he gets back, so just starting to walk and talk. And I'm very thankful he didn't miss the birth!