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Week(s) in Review- August 23rd- September 6th

August 23rd- September 6th

Been a little too busy to post lately- I also lost my camera charger for a few days which was a TRAGEDY, especially since I sent my fujifilm camera to Harold in Afghanistan. Luckily it was recovered a few days later. =)

Harrison & I went to Brainerd, MN to visit one of my best high school girls Kristen (check out her great food blog!) We had a ton of fun!

On Friday Harrison had a playdate with a friend, Odin! They had fun. Harrison really hasn't spent enough time with other kids- he was pretty fascinated. It's always good to hang out with people who have kids! (don't do that much here in MN)

We went out for dinner friday night @ Maddens (yummy!) then came home to relax. Harrison decided to take control of the remote, and changed the channel to the Redskins game. Hubby is OBSESSED and I thought it was funny- a sign for Daddy! I told him to come home soon because his little HP was ready for some football!

Saturday we went shopping in Nisswa (really touristy area) all day- great area.

My little Fox in Socks!

Harrison Gage Price

He's discovered the Xylophone (see video in post below) and is literally obsessed. I've never seen him be so interested in one single toy! One day I tried to give him a bottle, but he whined and squirmed until I sat him back by his precious xylophone. I think I've got a little musician on my hands! =)


- Harrison had a saltine cracker for the first time- we went to Raaper's for my brother's birthday (two for one drinks, and have price appetizers. GREAT deal. Too bad no drinks for me! hehe) He really enjoyed it! He was thirsty the morning after though-

-Harold called & said he officially has less than 60 days!! YAY!!!!! He was thinking it was going to be the first week in November, but he things he'll be leaving the first or second week in October!! I'm thrilled. Harrison, my parents and I are leaving for Texas October 3rd, so excited! It's going to be sad to say goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa though!

-We took HP to church on Sunday for the first time in awhile (guess the summer made us too lazy!) He was SO good. Honestly, I couldn't believe it. Just sat on my lap and played with some paper and other toys. Perfect angel!

- The weather has been great here in MN! We've been trying to get outside more and hang out in the shade & on our swing. I am really starting to get my fall allergies though, and am not taking anything due to being pregnant. That coupled with my general lack of energy from pregnancy, it's been hard for me to even get our walks for the day in.


Pink Nothings said...

wow what a cutie!

Shari@aPsychMommy said...

Totally digging the Fox in Socks onesie--and Harrison's blue socks to match!

Kristen said...

Love the weekend recap! Weekend in Brainerd was too funy. I was so happy to have you two! :)