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Living in MN

Harold has officially left for Afghanistan- It's actually a lot harder than I even expected. He's still been traveling there and really hasn't gotten many chances to even email, so I hope once everything settles down there and I can talk to him a bit more I will feel better. He was supposed to be in Bagrum, but they've moved him to Kabul, the capital. He's says the city is very poor.

Here at the Harris' we are doing well. Harrison isn't taking the greatest naps, it's bringing back memories of Kaylen and his short little naps. He's plenty happy when he's awake though. Still loves playing with his gym and gazing at himself in the mirror- he thinks he's pretty hot stuff. He's purposefully grabbing at toys, burp rags being some of his favorite. He's getting ready to roll from his back to his front. He gets so much exercise attempting!

It's been a little too cold for walks and playing outside- I look at the weather in Texas everyday and sigh. I'm not sure if I could ever live in MN again.

There really isn't much else to report. I'm really enjoying the downtime. The summer weekends are filling up fast- we'll be busy! Hope everyone is well.