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Benefits of Baby Sign Language

Baby Signing Benefits for your infant or toddler

Before child can properly vocalize their wants and needs, they must master very complex actions of the muscles in their face:

  • Placement of tongue
  • Formation of lips
  • Shaping of nasal passage
  • Controlling of vocal chords
  • Breathing regulation, etc!

  • There are so many benefits for a baby utilizing Baby Sign Language it is hard for some enthusiasts to understand why more parents are not teaching their infants this particular form of communication.

    Everyone has had moments in their lives when they could not communicate their needs in a way others could understand. The result is a level of frustration beyond compare. Babies are the same as adults in this regard.

    Wanting something and being unable to explain what exactly is wanted frequently results in loud crying, utter frustration, and/or tantrums.

    So the first benefit of using Baby Sign Language is it gives your baby the ability to express his or her important needs and thoughts.

    baby sign cognitive

    Additional baby signing benefits:

    • Promotes the development of language skills
    • Reinforces language skills already developed
    • Reduces frustration at not being able to express needs
    • Increase speed of spatial reasoning development
    • Develops understanding of language for communication of emotions
    • Creates feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment
    • May increase IQ
    • Increases creative thinking
    • Teaches a 2nd language that is formally recognized (ASL)
    • Reduces unexplainable emotional outbursts
    • Increases early literacy skills
    • Teaches baby how to start (and participate in) a conversation

    Sign language for infants gives babies a way to communicate what they are truly thinking, feeling and/or needing. Because they learn to communicate early, Baby’s mind develops a rapid interest in increasing communication ability.

    Thanks to early learning of Baby Sign Language, infants quickly learn to match particular shapes or items with a particular gesture.

    When your baby begins to speak, the same skills are used. One gesture means one thing in infant sign language. One word means one concept in baby talk. This enhances spatial relationships and reasoning, and cognitive skills development.

    - from Babies & Sign Language