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Harrison started wearing G-diapers with the cloth inserts a few days ago!! What a cute little muffin top =)

So far so good! (This is my first attempt at cloth diapering) He hasn't pooped in them yet though =) I only have 3 inserts for now, so we've been just hand washing them and hang drying. They are just too cute aren't they?

Anyone have any good tips for washing? I'm living with my parents while my husband is deployed so I probably won't get too into it until I get home. I'm thinking I won't cloth diaper the new baby right away, since newborn poop is repulsing and I don't want to invest in all the diapers and inserts for size small when medium starts at 13 pounds anyway. I love these little diapers so far!!!


Sarah said...

Hey girl! I am friends with Kristen and understand you are too! FYI, we cloth diaper our 6 1/2 month old Odin as well. We use a variety of brands - Gdiapers, Wonderoos and Bum Genius AIO's. We love them all. It's DEFINETELY worth it! Good for you for taking the "cloth diaper plunge!"

Felicia said...

I saw this picture and I just had to comment... your son is absolutely adorable! He looks like he has the sweetest personality!

Mrs. D Lightful said...

Wow those are cute! What an adorable baby, oh my goodness!

joannamarieprice@yahoo.com said...

Thanks guys!

Andrea said...

I wanted to do cloth diapers, but I was affraid of how the day care would handle it. So I didn't, but geeze they are darling!!! Now I'm wishing I would have!