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I'm not entirely sure why I feel like I need to share this with the mommy blogging world. I guess I am just so deeply offended I need to get some of it off my chest... I grew up in a smallish town in Minnesota. There was an article in the paper recently about an armed robbery at a gas station (pretty rare event). Here is the first online comment made: (this IS the minority opinion, thank God. I like to think my hometown is generally a nice place to live. I guess people "like this" live everywhere...)

G B.
08/19/2009 12:58 PM

A couple of years ago, someone from the douglas county social services had an article in the paper, suggesting that Alexandria was not diversified enough, well now you have your diversity, how do you like it? Last year a murder, last year a drive by shooting, now a hold up at a convienace store, A lot of people in this toen want to be politically correct and not say to much, but I can tell you right now, The alexandria community is not happy about this diversity, namely transitory blacks that are moving in to this community, I'll bet that 75% of the blacks in alex are on some kind welfare, the social services must be keeping busy. I speak for a lot of people on this subject, and they are not happy about it.

SO disgusting. The more times I read this, the angrier I get. There were many following comments, and G.B. continued to defend his/herself. My comment:

Joanna P.
Harker Heights, TX 08/19/2009 8:54 PM

G.B. and defenders- I am offended as a wife, a mother, a former Alexandrian, and an American citizen. How dare you say those words, and then continue defending them? Even though I have known racism still exists in this country, it's hard to hear it point blank. For you to say, after that comment, that you are not racist is absolutely outrageous. As you sit on your computer, typing away, my husband (a black man) is in Afghanistan, fighting for your freedom. I would never even dare show him your comment because it would hurt him so far to the core I don't know that he'd ever want to step foot in Alexandria again. I want to cry for my son, who is biracial, and who will visit Alexandria time and time again throughout his life. Will you see him at Target and wonder if he's a welfare child? Will you wonder how long it will be before he commits a drive by shooting? My husband is intelligent, funny, loving, caring, and most of all a fantastic father. It kills him more than you could ever imagine to be parted from his child, and his pregnant wife. He is an upstanding citizen, going above and beyond to be on his second tour in the middle east. He is dedicated to his education, and has a master's degree. His family is wonderful- his mother is a loving human being, and his father is in a nursing home due to his long-standing dedication to the United States Army. If they ever made the decision to move to Alexandria, they would absolutely add nothing but quality to our town. "I'll bet that 75% of the blacks in alex are on some kind welfare..." HOW DARE you say that! Show me some evidence. I would LOVE to see some. And even if that's the case- does that mean they aren't welcome in our town? Should we ask all the white people living in Alexandria on welfare to leave? Why would they be any more welcome? "Last year a murder, last year a drive by shooting, now a hold up at a convienace store" - Not that it even matters, but the only murder committed in Alexandria that I know of was committed by a white man. He killed his wife. Do some research before blaming the black community for a murder. And don't come back saying you weren't blaming them. Because with that statement you absolutely were. Don't you think the crime level rise has anything to do with Alexandria simply growing larger? You say Alexandria was so much better 30 years ago... wasn't it much smaller? It is so incredibly ignorant for you to blame the crime on black citizens, based solely on this article. If you have some more evidence to back that statement up, I'd love to see it. As an Alexandria citizen it is your duty to welcome newcomers, no matter their race. You are judging people based solely by the color of their skin, which is by definition, racism. I feel sorry for you. You will never know what a wonderful thing African-American culture is- because if you did, you definitely would not make those awful statements. I am proud to be the wife of a black man, and the mother of biracial children. I love my husband's family, and all of his friends. To ANYONE of a non-Caucasian race- There are many people who welcome you to Alexandria. We appreciate your cultural differences, and the great things you can bring to our community. Please do not be deterred by those who are too ignorant to open their eyes and shake your hand.



Shari@aPsychMommy said...

Wow, isn't it amazing how people can just hide behind the anonymity of the Internet? Loved your response back