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Saturday Week in Review

August 9th-15th

Harrison started using a "bath seat". He was still lying down on a mat before. He got his first taste of water being dumped over his head! =) A lady I used to nanny for just started dumping water from the very begininning, and they got used to it and never complained, so that's the route I'm taking. He was (obviously) shocked but smiled afterwords.

What a cheeseball!

Good Morning HP! Nice bedhead. =) (he got his first real diaper rash last week, so we're still using the desitin... THANK GOD for desitin!)

What Mom??

Getting ready for the beach!!

Lake Latoka, Alexandria, MN
August 14th, 2009

He never tried to put the rocks in his mouth- I was so surprised! He loved the water, splashing, and most of all watching other kids! We (my mom & I) had so much fun!

Some swing fun! Waiting for Grandpa to finish grilling some burgers

THAT face!

Pretty smile

Today is our 1 year anniversary! I'm (of course) bummed that Harold is 234234 miles away, but next year when I'm NOT PREGNANT (cross your fingers) we will really celebrate. =) Happy Anniversary my love!

-On Wednesday night we went to my cousin Katie's baby shower. (forgot my camera) We had a lot of fun, and of course, Harrison was a hit. Baby showers are always fun! There really wasn't anyone who had little kids, so I got made fun of because I knew so much about the "new fangled" baby gear. =)

-Harrison has (finally) started rolling over like crazy. Still no scooting or much moving around on the tummy. It will still be awhile before he crawls. =)

-Harrison took his weekly Wal-Mart trip with Grandpa today- they are such buds!


dragonfly said...

ohhh what is this baby...

he is so sweet.. very handsome...

and he has really a good smile that can kill her girlfriend one day