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My new found love of life is clipping coupons- along with feeling economical, it's actually fun! Sunday is an exciting day of the week- I run to the Walgreens down the street, shell out the $2, in order to save a lot more! Kate from "Jon & Kate + 8" once said that as a stay at home mom, a huge part of
her job is making Jon's hard-earned money stretch. That is definitely how I feel. I am so fortunate to be able to spend my days with Harrison. It would obviously not be possible without the hard work of my husband. The more money I save, the more we can spend on other things- movies, dinners, and my favorite- clothes!

Here's some Target coupons- we all lov
e to shop at Target. I think most would agree it's a more enjoyable experience than Wal-Mart, or others. Target is not, however, always the cheapest. Well, coupons help! You can check back every week for more- Target.com, scroll down to "Target Stores" and click on "Grocery Coupons". There's no Supertarget here in my hometown, (boo!) but hopefully wherever you are you can access one! The coupons can still be used at a regular Target.


Here's a great tip my mom got off of "The Today Show"- create an alternative email designated only for retailers- Old Navy, Target, Proctor and Gamble, Crate & Barrel... etc. Anyplace that commonly offers deals, sales, or coupons. Your personal email inbox will be free of all that crap, and you can check only when you have some free time, or free money. =) Google coupons- sign up for emails!

Please leave comments- especially if you have any tips of your own!