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Ever had anything you would rather just give away then deal with selling? Check out http://www.freecycle.org/

It’s a great website that allows you to give away items, get items, even request certain items. When I found out I was pregnant with Harrison I was single and a live-in nanny. I knew in order to get everything I wanted for my kid I was going to have to settle for used items. Little did I know how wonderful and easy it is to do that! Kids things, like swings, highchairs, etc. don’t always get used all that much. Families are done having kids, but their stuff isn’t done being used! It still has a lot of life left. Think of how many parents go to Toys R Us, spend $150 on a swing, and their kid hates it and it gets used 5-10 times? Their loss can be your gain!

My husband and I got our changing table from freecycle.org. It is AMAZING! It had a few blemishes on the bottom shelf, but for free, I’m not complaining!
There’s lots of other stuff besides baby things- give it a try!