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Free KFC

So you have T-15 hours to claim your free KFC from Oprah! Till 10 PM tomorrow you can download a coupon for a free KFC meal, good until May 19th. Even the Weight Watchers points can't keep me away from FREE KFC! =)


Since 11 AM my four-month-old has slept for about 2 hours total. If it was 2 hours in a row... eh, I could deal with that. It's this half hour crap that's going to drive me crazy. Not to mention the few nap attempts of my own that where very rudely interrupted. He's lucky he's the damn cutest baby in all of the universe. I truly have no right to complain, my parents get up with him most mornings when at 5:30 the final attempt for more sleep by putting the paci back in fails. When I get home, my world is going to change in a big way! Harrison's will too- being fawned over by 3 people all day long must be pretty nice. Now it's time to make dinner- I'm in charge, as my mom is working. I'm pretty hungry. But I'm not going to cry about it, unlike some people I know...